Meet Natalie: The Designer Behind Better Chefwear

“How can we improve what we know works?”

This is the question that Natalie Silva, the designer behind Uncommon Threads, asks herself whenever she creates a new design. And her answers have led her to create over 50 new designs so that you can feel like yourself when you suit up each day.

“Our chefs are our main influencers. We strive to make garments that will make working in a hot kitchen for long hours manageable. That’s why our new line of UT Black Collection Chef Coats is made up of our Fine Line Fabric. It's a thinner fabric that still holds up just like our thicker fabric coats.”

Natalie wants her chefs to be as comfortable as possible, which entails much more than the initial fabric choice. 

“As for comfort, it doesn't just stop with the fabric. Sizing and comfort are two of the most important things we have to pay attention to. We want our chefs to be able to order the same size in all styles, and feel confident that the coat will fit them seamlessly. Our coats are made with design aspects that increase your range of motion, like the all-important drop shoulder.”

But Uncommon chefs aren’t just comfortable, they’re also stylish. 

“My favorite part of the design process would have to be picking out the colors for each design, mainly because you can see multiple different variations and shades of a single color.”

And that makes sense because Natalie’s an artist at heart! 

>My design eye never really stops! I look at everything from an artistic viewpoint — it’s a great way for me to keep my mind active yet not feel overwhelmed with everything going on in the world. I'm also a dog mom, so most of the time my design efforts after hours are put into making her new collars. Whenever I take her to the vet, they're always so excited to see what new collar she has on!”

Everything in our Uncommon Threads store exhibits Natalie’s desire to offer comfort, fit, and colors for the bold, confident, and ambitious chef. This is how we design better chefwear — by thinking outside the box and constantly improving on what we already know works.

"I love my Uncommon Threads clothes. They're perfect! They're comfortable, and they're made for chefs."

Chef Richard Papier